Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Evening Skincare Routine

As you saw from my Morning Skincare Routine in my previous post, I like to strip things down in the AM, who has time for a copious beauty routine before 8am?...not this gal!
In the evenings however I like to spend a lot of time preening and pampering and ensuring I give my skin a good start to heal and recover overnight. I do a double cleanse in the evening, starting first by swatching a cotton pad (or two) of Bioderma all over my face to remove any trace of makeup (eyes included). I then lather up my Origins Zero oil foaming cleanser on my face and go in with my Olay Pro-X brush (until I bite the bullet on the Clarisonic this will have to do) to give my face a thorough  clean and ensure i got off all of my makeup. Next I go in with my C&C dual moisturizer and Effaclar Duo combo and get my face moisturized. When I am feeling extra dry, or lacking that glow I pat on a little of the Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C nourishing Oil. I put tea tree oil directly on any spots I may have and it typically dries them right up. I slather on some of the Simple soothing Eye Balm all around my eyes, which has helped with my eye makeup application. As my last step (usually once I am in bed) I scrub my lips with the Lush Mint Julips lip scrub and then stick on a wad of the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm.

I find this to be the perfect all encompassing routine that preps my skin for overnight recovery, how do you pamper yourself in the evening?

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