Thursday, May 10, 2012

Share the Gift of Calm

Mother's day is on the horizon and if you are like me getting the perfect gift for mom is never a simple task. Nothing seems quite special enough and you can only get her the typical mani/massage package for so many occasions...That is why this year I am bringing the spa to my mum with the Scentsy Silhouette warmer and Spa Fragrances!

The Silhouette warmers consist of a porcelain base which casts a tranquil glow as well as a decorative sleeve - the best part is you can interchange the sleeves to give you a multitude of unique looks.
I've showcased Scentsy on the blog before, and honestly it's because I can't get enough of their fabulous products and innovative product line! Their new Spa Fragrances have really taken them to a new level - one smell of the lavender scent bar and I am immediately transported to a day at the spa!
The soft glow of the warmer combined with the spa fragrances create a calm atmosphere - what more could a mother ask for than a tranquil escape? 
 Be sure to visit the Scentsy website to view their entire collection of Silhouette warms and their Scent bar fragrance line.


  1. Hello Julie,

    Your review of the Scentsy Silhouette Collection was forthright and concise. Great review!

    Thank you,
    Veronica Prescott
    Scentsy Independent Consultant

  2. Hello Julie,

    Excellent choice for any occasion, I love the Scentsy Silhouette Collection.When you purchase 1 Silhouette then buy the additional 2 wraps you are actually only spending $64 Full Size warmers.Great idea.

  3. The Scentsy Silhouette warmer with interchangeable wraps is one of my best selling Scentsy warmers right now! Products such as this are one of the reasons Scentsy is the best Direct Selling Business Opportunity available, the products practically sell themselves. It is a great time to start your own Scentsy business! Work from home, set your own hours, Be your own Boss!


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