Sunday, July 17, 2011

White Cashmere

The only thing I love more than a a fabulous Canadian fashion show is one with a compilation of great designers who all have the same goal in mind - to raise awareness and funds for a fantastic cause. What I'm talking about is the 8th annual White Cashmere Collection which brings together creative designers all using a very unusual medium (Cashmere toilet paper) to create unexpected creations to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

The designers have been revealed and now the sketches are out and I must say I cannot wait to see these amazing creations in person!
Philip Sparks, Marika Brose, Lovas

Jason Matlo, Hoax Couture
Jose-Manuel St Jacque, Lizares, Simon Belanger, 

Christopher Paunil, Franco Mirabelli, L'autre Couture
 Carrie Hayes, Richard Robinson

*photos from

Friday, July 8, 2011

Belated Birthday

 I completely forgot to write about my birthday outfit; so without further ado here it is! When I first set my eyes on this peachy tiered number I was immediately intrigued. This dress did not disappoint and I even slightly resembled my own birthday cake! I had a lovely night out with friends, had a little too much vino and grapefruit vodka and enjoyed my fare share of birthday treats! Thanks to all who made it special!

ps. Had to utilize my Evian mister on this blistering hot day (that I bought with my gym locker buddie and long time bestie in grade 9...)

Dress {H&M}, Necklace {Dominican}, Vest {Costa Blanca}, Shoes {H&M}

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Uniform

 This past weekend you could barely get me out of this ensemble! Ultra comfort aside it combines all the elements of what I feel is great casual style. I started off my Saturday with a trip to Second Cup and then headed to French&Co for a shellac manicure that I have been hearing about from all of my girlfriends. I must say even though it has only been a few days I am loving how it is lasting and the colour on my nails stays incredibly glossy!

Dress {Winners}, Belt {Tommy Hilfiger}, Hat {Urban Planet}, Sunnies {John's - vintage}, Purse {Vintage - Club Monaco}, Shoes {Michael Kors}, Necklace {Joe Fresh}