Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'That Girl'

I recently stumbled upon this article, unfortunately it was a little too late as the office party debauchery below had already taken place.

**Disclaimer: at my office being 'that girl' is definitely a good thing - no jobs were lost or co-workers offended by the dance moves below
{John and I at the beginning of the evening}
 {alone on the dance floor - having the time of my life}

 {yes, I do bring my own props}
On Him: Shirt {Calvin Klein}, Vest {H&M}, Tie {Ben Sherman}, Pants {Joe Fresh}, Belt {Michael Kors}
On Her: Shirt {Vintage c/o Mama!}, Skirt {H&M}, Tights {Joe Fresh}, Watch {Michael Kors}, Ring {F21}, Sunnies {present from  friends who know me far too well!}

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