Thursday, December 22, 2011


 When I first came across Scentsy Warmers I immediately fell in love with the adorable shapes, sizes and styles to match everyone's unique personality! I am known to be forgetful, so having a warmer that uses a lightbulb (rather then a candle) makes me feel comfortable leaving my warmer on to scent up my entire room. This model is the Jolly and i am currently melting 'Christmas Cottage' a fabulous scent for the winter. Below is my plug-in warner melting Flirtatious - a scent for all seasons. 

Check out their Website to see their full line of products - fabulous opportunities for last minute holiday shopping!

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  1. My wife purchased the Jolly warmer. We love the little black belt and buckle! And I, too, sampled the Black Ruby scent and like it a lot.

    My all-time favorite scent is Toasted Apple Butter… Unfortunately it has been discontinued. (But we were able to stock up during the recent Bring Back My Bar event!)


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