Sunday, July 17, 2011

White Cashmere

The only thing I love more than a a fabulous Canadian fashion show is one with a compilation of great designers who all have the same goal in mind - to raise awareness and funds for a fantastic cause. What I'm talking about is the 8th annual White Cashmere Collection which brings together creative designers all using a very unusual medium (Cashmere toilet paper) to create unexpected creations to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

The designers have been revealed and now the sketches are out and I must say I cannot wait to see these amazing creations in person!
Philip Sparks, Marika Brose, Lovas

Jason Matlo, Hoax Couture
Jose-Manuel St Jacque, Lizares, Simon Belanger, 

Christopher Paunil, Franco Mirabelli, L'autre Couture
 Carrie Hayes, Richard Robinson

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