Friday, July 8, 2011

Belated Birthday

 I completely forgot to write about my birthday outfit; so without further ado here it is! When I first set my eyes on this peachy tiered number I was immediately intrigued. This dress did not disappoint and I even slightly resembled my own birthday cake! I had a lovely night out with friends, had a little too much vino and grapefruit vodka and enjoyed my fare share of birthday treats! Thanks to all who made it special!

ps. Had to utilize my Evian mister on this blistering hot day (that I bought with my gym locker buddie and long time bestie in grade 9...)

Dress {H&M}, Necklace {Dominican}, Vest {Costa Blanca}, Shoes {H&M}

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  1. haha thanks for the shout out, cant believe thats still misting!


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