Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 I used to be completely self-conscious about my height {I am 5'11 in flat shoes} and would never even contemplate wearing anything other than a kitten heel. A few years ago I radically changed my tune and since then my heel hight has progressively increased and now I actually love being the tallest gal in the group. It doesn't hurt that I also like to sport ridiculously high top-knots most of the time as well! Tall women out there please be fearless and embrace your height!

Sunnies {F21}, Necklace {Lucky Brand}, Vest {Costa Blanca}, Shirt {Joe Fresh}, Skirt {F21}, Tights {Vintage}, Shoes {F21}


  1. oh i love your skirt!!! that is so wonderful you have embraced your height!! I am 5'9 or 5'10 and used to be totally self concious about it. Since i started blogging i have gotten a bit better and will wear three inch heels but i am trying to work myself up to higher ones :)

  2. Glad you've embraced your height! I have those F21 shoes and now I'm tempted to get some white tights to go with them ;)

    xx Cristina

  3. What a pretty and fun skirt! Love the entire outfit of course!


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  4. I am 5'9" myself and Yes, its hard to wear heels! But its part of who we are and why should we negate that? Great job! I love love this outfit, super cute~!


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