Friday, February 18, 2011

Mother Knows Best

 Growing up I always thought that my mom wore the 'lamest' clothes. When we would go shopping she would always make me try on dorky clothing and I absolutely hated it! Well as it turns out maybe mother does know best! This entire outfit (minus tights and shoes) are picked out from my mom's closet. I just love the classic elegance of this skirt - and the comfy cozy cropped sweater will definitely transcend throughout the seasons. 

Hat {Knitted by MOM}, Sweater/Skirt/Belt {Mom's Closet}, Tights {Joe Fresh}, Shoes {Forever 21}


  1. hi julie!

    i just found you from your cute submission to joe fresh's tumblr blog and super happy when i see a fellow canadian girl doing it up with style! i lived in toronto for over 6 years and loved it but am back home now in vancouver.

    your outfit posts are fab totala, can't believe most of this one came from your momma's closet - wowness! have you heard of location central before? i'm not affiliated with the blogs owner in any way but it's a wonderful spot to put your blog and perhaps gain some readers. right now i think they have over 60 peeps signed up in the "canada" sector. thought you might like it for connecting with CND girls.

    cheers to a wondrous weekend lades, it's happiness to find you. ♥

  2. Hello, you are absolutely adorable, and I love, love your style. I just discovered your blog via Required2BeInspired and I am so happy that I did. I too am a Canadian blogger, woot, woot, for Canadian bloggers. Consider me one of your newest followers. xx veronika

  3. Hello there! I really enjoyed your feature on Natasha's blog (she featured me in Dec. and I definitely had fun with those questions). You are a chic lady with a head on her shoulders and Canadian to boot!

  4. I adore your blog. This colour combination is amazing!

    -Your newest follower! Check out my blog too if you like!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  5. Hi there. Just found your blog through Natasha's blog. I love your style and will definitely be following.

  6. haha im totally in the same boat right now! my mom just bought the cutest suede grey wedges and she's always been the type ppl give a second glance w/ her bold decisions. cute mommy skirt!
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