Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colonel Mustard

Sometimes you find an item that practically jumps off the rack and into your arms. As soon as I saw this blazer in my local thrift shop I instantly knew I would be bringing it home with me. The vibrant colour and fabulous trim make it stand out from all of the rest. I don't often wear pants because there are not many that are long enough, but these cinch in at the bottom and make it much more acceptable to show a bit of ankle! This outfit would be perfect to wear while waiting for a flood.

Sunnies {Ray Ban}, Blazer {Thrifted}, Shirt {H&M}, Pants {Joe Fresh}, Shoes {Cupid - Stylesense}, Belt {Bluenotes}


  1. thrifting has to be one of my most fave pastimes too. your jacket is epic, what a wonderful score and it fits you perfectly! that's the only bummer about vintage wares, they only come in the one size. so to find an almost tailor made piece is the best.

    plus those pants make it nicely balanced, way to show your petite ankles off too! ♥

  2. Congrats on the find; it's a gorgeous color. I love the pants but I probably would've paired them with a boyfriend blazer. :P

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