Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buyers Remorse

Do you ever buy something on impulse and find it in the back of our closet a few months later untouched? I hate to admit that this happens to me rather frequently and this outfit is a product of those 'buyers remorse' purchases. I thrifted this sweater and when I tried it on at home realized it was very 'granny-esque' and put it right to the back of my closet. These boots were bought in the summer heat and  I definitely didn't fall in love with them right away. I think pairing this sweater with a flirty 'barely-there' dress is the perfect way to make sure it doesn't overwhelm the outfit. These boots add a touch of quirky-ness and fun to a fairly sophisticated outfit. Moral of the story is don't punish these pieces, mix them up and embrace them!

Sweater {Thrifted}, Shirt/Dress {Vintage}, Tights {Joe Fresh},Belt {Vintage}, Boots {Steve Madden - Stylesense}

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  1. I love this mix. Your cardigan has a wonderful pattern and the boots definitely add the perfect quirky touch.


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