Monday, August 23, 2010

spEGGtacular weekend

A few weekends ago I packed up my bags, a few friends and headed up to Pointe Au Baril for a fun-filled cottage weekend with some pals.

This was my favourite part of the weekend, the barbecued eggs made by our hostess and chef for the weekend! This idea is PERFECT for large group meals! The breakfast sandwiches were whipped up in no time!
Hopefully many more to come!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Faux Meat

Since becoming a vegetarian over two years ago I have found my options for meals very limited. That is until recently when I have actually found some great vegetarian and vegan options that are delicious! 

The following are from a dinner out with Kate at Raw Aura
Dehydrated kale chips (they definitely tasted like sour cream an onion)
Beet ravioli
Kate ordered the King Quinoa - Absolutely delish!

I have also found tofu to be tricky, I have tried a few brands and haven't really loved any of them until last week when I found Sunrise flavoured tofu in sauce!
I made this delectable stir-fry with it!
The tofu is super firm and the sauces are amazing! (Comes in 4 flavours)