Tuesday, May 18, 2010

B & W

The weather here isn't quite cold and is not yet hot, so it is hard to pick an appropriate outfit, especially when you go from an indoor party to a backyard soiree. I decided to go with this black and white number becuase I felt it could easily transcend my Saturday night. Some of these pictures are blurry, which John claims is becuase of my camera, so hopefully once my birthday comes that excuse will no longer be valid!
Blazer (H&M), Shirt (Friended), Pants (H&M), Shoes (Frye)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mexican Easter Fiesta

When most people think of Easter images of bunnies, pastel colours and a traditional meal usually come to mind. This year my family decided to throw in a twist and have a Mexican Fiesta themed celebration. I was totally up for it, and headed straight to my nearest Goodwill to find an appropriate outfit!

We were greeted at the front door with an Easter bunny saying OLA! I was glad to see that I was not alone in costume. everyone was dressed the part and ready to party!
It was a fun-filled event all around with lots of laughs, colours and of course Margaritas!
I found this little collection of Easter decorations on display at my Aunt's house. These are all things my Grandma had made, she used to make millions of decorations like these and seeing them always makes me smile.
I had to include a shot of Lindsay's birthday cake--her mom knows her far too well! I must say I am envious of her Chanel-esque cake and have requested a Lady Geezy one for my own special day!!

Hope everyone had a great long-weekend celebration!

Cosmic Cookies!

John's parents surprised me with the Planet Organic Cookbook and so far I have made a few great recipes from it, but by far the most popular are the cosmic cookies!!! I brought them into work and they were devoured in no time. I'm not sure if it is their hearty mix of seeds, nuts and grains, the yummy chocolate chips thrown in or my personal favourite the molasses that give them a deep caramel colour!!
These cookies are a great midday indulgence as they have tons of protein and just a little sweetness to kick your sugar craving!! I usually make a huge batch, freeze them and bring one to work by 10:30 it is usually thawed to perfection and ready for snacking!!