Sunday, July 4, 2010


When I was a child all I wanted was to get my ears pierced. There was only 1 thing in my way - my parents had the stipulation that in order to get my ears pierced, I fist had to learn my timetables all the way up to 12. This may seem simple enough, but I never fully learned them and even now after graduating university I still struggle with the 8's and 12's.
 I found these beautiful clip-ons at a local flea market. A lovely old lady was selling what seemed to be her old jewelry, unfortunately I decided not to purchase the matching broach.
 When I saw them I knew they were the perfect accessory for my flowery summer dress.
Dress (Unknown store in Muskoka), Earrings (Vintage), Sandals (Michael Kors), Sunnies (RayBan)

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