Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Lowdown...

In my last year of university I discovered the blogging mecca--Bloglovin! I could find enough beautiful fashion, delicious recipies, creative knitting projects and of course a little bit of juicy celebrity gossip to get me through my procrastination all in once place. After following my favourite blogs religiously for the past year I figured that it was time to put my ideas out there to the world and start my own blog. I am a goal setter by nature, so my goals for this blog are to make it fun(ny), insightful, colourful and a break from your day, so here it is...

(Headband) kintted by me!, H&M (Jacket), Urban Outfitters (Hooded Sweater), Leggings (Lululemon), & Payless (Moccasins)

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